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Abalone Shell Pendant


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We still miss the late Henry Rosetta, who was a wonderfully creative and versatile jeweler, as well as a lovely man.

Although he has been gone for several years, we keep finding a piece of his, here and there, that had escaped attention until now.

Some lover of intriguing jewelry will be really fortunate: This pendant is typical of his work, with a gorgeous, coveted shell, placed in an organically formed setting of sterling silver.

The silver border is delicately hammered, so it seems to glisten with many tiny drops of water.

This natural abalone shell not only shimmers with magnificent iridescence, it has a series of curves that look like ocean waves breaking over a beach.

With a drop of silver, like a bead of water, at the side, the artist maximized the oceanic inspiration of the shell itself.

A spectacularly beautiful shell, put in a complementary silver setting, by a wonderful jeweler, this pendant is a stunner. And has the original price, too.

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3" L x 1 1/2" W


Natural Abalone Shell, Sterling Silver