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Abalone Shell Heishi Necklace


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Abalone shell is wondrous, almost mythical, in appearance, it is so strangely beautiful.

The iridescence of the shell is so varied and so vibrant, it seems other-worldly. As it is, of course, emerging from the depths of the sea.

As opals are gifts of the earth, abalone shell is a similar gift from the sea.

These two strands of abalone shell are formed of organically shaped oblongs, capped by sterling silver cones and chain that are hand made.

Irregular shapes emphasize the dazzling opalescence of the shell; greens and reds, blues, and more, glisten vividly from different facets.

Shadowy, indistinct neutrals on one side of a bead, suddenly shine like a rainbow spotlight, on another.

With this array of resplendent, luminous colors, the necklace seems like mermaids’ jewels.

Happily for those here on solid ground, this radiant necklace is meant for humans, and can be yours.

Along with the brilliant flashes, there are plenty of indistinct neutrals – like clouds against a sunset – to make this necklace enormously versatile, and wearable.

Feel like Ariel, emerging from the sea, or just enjoy the  iridescence of this stunning necklace, and toss it on every day, if you like.

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Natural Abalone Shell, Sterling Silver


24" L