Abalone Corn Maiden Necklace


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Daughter, sister and granddaughter of award-winning, innovative artists, Jovanna expresses her creativity in her own style, creating breathtaking necklaces that use traditional techniques and modern materials. Here, she collaborated with her former husband, an award-winner himself, noted for carving corn maidens from a variety of unusual shells and stones.

A highly polished piece of natural abalone shell forms the organic shape of the corn maiden pendant. Incised lines depict her kernels, hair, and other accoutrements. The etched eyes and mouth are darkened, to stand out, and brilliantly blue turquoise stones are added. The turquoise splendidly complements the richly figured, russet hues of the abalone.

The beautiful corn maiden is attached to two strands of spectacular carnelian, red coral and turquoise, by tiny disks of baby olive shell and red coral.  The translucent carnelian is arranged in graduated, oblong “tongues”, separated by delicate branches of red coral, and the occasional bright blue turquoise. Blue for the sky and water, russet red for the earth: this combination is not only esthetic,  and striking, it reflects a basic Native ideal. Balance in nature means plants will grow happily.

Turn the corn maiden around, and the amazing iridescence of abalone shell is revealed. Delicate dragonflies are etched, so the pendant combines the two elements: red earth on one side, and opaline flashes, suggestive of water, on the other. The corn maiden was carved by Daniel Chattin, in collaboration with Jovanna. The whole necklace is a gorgeous whole; a symphony of complementary color and symbols. Besides that, it is simply spectacular.

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Natural Carnelian I Abalone Shell I Turquoise I Red Coral I and Baby Olive Shell


22" I pendant is 3 1/8" long


Pendant is 1 1 3/4" wide