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“A-Line” Contemporary Dangles


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A delightful, fun, flirtatious, and finely made, pair of dangles that are definitely not traditional – except in the materials and the hand fabrication.

These beautifully designed and constructed earrings show creativity and humor; we wish there were some mark to identify the gifted artist.

Off the top of our heads, this individualistic style, contemporary sensibility, wit, and skill, are shared by two, major jewelry families: Veronica and Dylan Poblano, of Zuni, and Navajo Connie Tsosie Gaussoin and her equally gifted children, Wayne Nez, David, Tazbah, and Maj. Jerry Gaussoin, Jr. Another guess is Michael Roanhorse, another, wonderful Navajo jeweler.

But we simply do not know; just enjoy the frolicsome, jaunty, and engaging design – and the very seriously excellent design and fabrication.

Take a close look, and you will see that there are three different textures to the silver strips: The gleaming, polished one, across the bottom; the darkened two that are joined to the silver wires, and the top cross-bar, which is textured but not darkened.

The bottom, polished strip is curved upward, and slightly concave. The horizontal upper bar is not only textured but curves in the opposite direction.

A small but fiery, natural red coral cabochon nestles on the corner formed by that glistening horizontal strip and a vertical, darkened strip.

This one tiny accent really livens up the silver and is a round contrast to the subtle curves and straight lines of the silver elements.

Sprightly and playful, these earrings are, nevertheless, very carefully designed, and constructed.

What seems simple, is often difficult, and these cheery dangles are the work of a master.  (Wish we knew who!)

Enjoy them at play, at work, at a party; they will amortize in no time, amid lots of admiring comments.

PS They are as easy on the ear as they are on the eyes!

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1" W