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Painted Bow and Arrow Set


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Ernest Selina is part of a notable family of kachina carvers, but he prefers to honor his Hopi heritage in unique ways.

He has created large wooden troughs, painted and etched with the story of a particular kachina, but here presents a wonderfully colorful bow and arrow set.

Formed and shaped by hand, of course, the bow is etched into a profusion of traditional good luck symbols and painted in clear, saturated colors.

The decorations cover both sides of the bow, inside as well as outside;the edges are painted a solid, confident red.

On the interior, designs include: a kachina head, wind and rain signs, arrowheads, many variations on water and feather motifs, and a splendid bird.

These are all signs hoping to ensure good luck in hunting, and hopes for prosperity.

On the exterior, more feather and water motifs – feathers carry prayers to the heavens (in this case, for good hunting and plentiful crops) – as well as prominent bear paws.

Bears are superb hunters, and their power is invoked to aid the hunter in his quest. A kiva, and peace pipe are also featured, further signs of prayer for a successful outcome.

A truly unique expression of traditional values, and beautifully ornamental, too.

Ready to display on your wall, where its array of good luck signs will protect your home, and delight your eye.

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40 7/8" L x 6 3/4" W x 1 3/8" Deep


Fur, Lacquer, Natural Feathers, Paint, Wood