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She is a member of the talented Eustace family, whose work is included in national and international collections. Each of the gifted siblings continue their parents’ jewelry tradition in his or her distinct, prize-winning style. One of the latest pieces we have received from Christina, this pendant is reduced to its essentials: one of the rarest, most sought-after, highest-quality turquoise stones, simply set in a hand chiseled silver bezel. Number Eight turquoise is one of the those stones that make collectors’ eyes sparkle: this example has a lovely color, and the characteristic, all- over spiderweb matrix pattern.With its wearable size and interesting, organic form, this pendant needs no embellishment. It will enhance any collar, chain, ribbon, leather cord, or whatever you choose, and proclaim its quality by itself.

Sterling Silver, Natural #8 Turquoise

Width: 1″ Height: 1 1/2″