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6-Strand Turquoise and Heishi Necklace


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This is an updated traditional style; the kind of necklace southwestern tribes wore for centuries, before learning to make silver jewelry. Of course, in the past the turquoise and shell would have been in rough, irregular lumps, rather than formed into these smooth ovals and tiny disks. This look is much more suited to contemporary clothes, and is even more terrific when worn with another necklace.

The pale blue turquoise really stands out next to the amazingly small slivers of brown shell heishi. A really attractive color combination that looks sophisticated but casual – perfectly suited to everyday wear, anywhere you happen to be. It can be twisted for a more tailored look, as seen in this photo, or left loosely draped, whatever your mood. Elegantly shaped turquoise, joined to minuscule shell heishi equals a classic necklace that you will wear and wear – happily.

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Baby Olive Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


29 1/4"