5-Strand Serpentine and Heishi Necklace



This is a beautifully updated version of a historic style of adornment. Pretty stones and shells were worn as jewelry, for centuries.

Of course, in the past, the stones and shells would have been irregular lumps and rough bits, not at all smooth and polished, like this necklace.

Joe Pacheco is a veteran jeweler, who specializes in heishi and accompanying stones.

This splendid necklace features cylinder beads of natural serpentine, rather than turquoise.

Traditional shell heishi, cut into tiny disks, provides subtle contrast in texture, size and color.

More luminous than turquoise, the mellow green serpentine beads are widely varied in hues, and the amount and pattern of matrix in each one.

This lovely variation, within the same range of color, gives the necklace a visual energy and beauty not found when all is exactly the same.

The creamy and warm, natural shells add a bit of contrast; they space the cylindrical  beads, so their luminosity, patterns of matrix, and color variations are more apparent.

Of course, the strands, and their components, are marvelously regular, but the lengths are graduated, so the necklace falls gracefully.

Notice a tiny touch of genius: toward the ends of the necklace, below the silver cones, the five strands are confined by a silver “staple”, on each side.

These are almost invisible, but serve to keep the strands in an orderly, graduated style. No need to detangle the strands, over and over!

Sophisticated, but basically casual, this necklace is wearable whenever, and wherever, you wish.

Elegantly shaped  and gorgeously colored serpentine, joined to minuscule shell heishi, equals a classic necklace that you will wear and wear – always, happily.

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