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“4 Wind’s Fan” Wall Hanging


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An unusual sculptural hanging by noted artist Orval C. Joe. Like several sculptors, he has created a series of beautiful works that are more domestic in scale, and easily displayed in any decor.The eagle is the most sacred symbol for most Native tribes. They are considered protectors of the people on earth, carriers of prayers to the heavens, and aids in successful hunting, since they are such fierce predators and fly so high. Carved from one piece of moon-pale alabaster, this eagle’s wing is clasped in a decorated band, so that it can be held during appropriate ceremonies. It is attached to a slab of polished granite that is stepped at top and bottom; symbols of prayed-for rain. A length of deerskin is looped through the top, for hanging.This carved wing is gracefully formed, as if in flight, and beautifully intricate. It seems as if every feather is shown. The contrast between the white alabaster and the solid grey, polished granite is striking. Equally dramatic is the contrast between the complex designs on the alabaster carving, and the absolute simplicity of the granite. Hang this dramatic sculpture in your home or office, and enjoy the protection and beauty of the eagle.

Natural Alabaster, Granite, and Deerskin

Height includes leather Width: 3 1/2″ Height: 12 1/2″