3-Strand Turquoise Necklace with Inlaid Pendant


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This piece features a jet pendant inlaid with turquoise, lapis, sugilite, spiny oyster shell, silver, and apple coral. It is suspended from a large barrel bead inlaid with similar stones, turquoise, and jet.

The fine lines in the pendant are inlaid jet, an indication of the artist’s superior inlaying skill. The sizable diameter of the barrel bead enables it to slide off the 4-strand small beads, so both the pendant and the necklace can be worn separately, as well as together. How convenient, and how economical – at least four different ways to wear the same piece!

The necklace consists of four strands of slightly flattened, round turquoise beads interspersed with coral, lapis, sugilite and spiny oyster beads of matching size and shape. This is a happy necklace: the blue turquoise, sprinkled with flecks of bright color, calls to mind fields of wildflowers under a cloudless summer sky.

Supremely versatile, with heart-lifting, flattering, go-with-everything colors, this necklace is perfect for travel, as well as home, every day of the year.

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