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3-Strand Turquoise Bird Fetish Necklace


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An older necklace unsigned. The birds are delicately carved and graceful, which makes us think of the prize-winning work of Dinah, and the late Pete Gasper, Sr.

But Dinah’s sister, Lena Boone, also a granddaughter of the great Teddy Weahkee, and daughter of the late Edna Leki is equally celebrated for fine bird carving, as is Rosita Kaamasee.

Rosita is a daughter of another revered fetish carver, George Cheechee Haloo, and is herself a noted carver, as well.

So, although there is no signature on this older piece, the choice of its maker is win-win; each candidate is a superb artist.

Beautiful, apple green turquoise birds (and a trio of bears) are lined up on three strands of tiny, brown, baby olive shell heishi.

The gracefully formed birds make a spiky, decorative silhouette that cascades down when the necklace is worn. And you will wear it often.

The green and brown coloration of the piece looks wonderful on all sorts of colors: black, white, navy, beige, greys, blues, reds, purples, dark green, orange, yellow… Throw it on over any tee or sweater, blouse, shirt or dress.

With its dainty but casual air, this necklace is uniquely suited for our lifestyles; happy to go to work, to run errands, go to dinner, to class, anytime, anywhere in the world.

It is priced as it was when new, so happily make it your signature, and enjoy its exquisite workmanship, history, and beauty.

PS Where are the bears? Look at the tops of one side of the three strands. The last (or first) fetish toward the clasp is a bear.

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Natural Baby Olive Shell | Stabilized Turquoise


22"-26" L | Birds are 1" L