3-Strand Silver Bead and Coral Necklace

Ernest Benally


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Ernest Benally has been a working jeweler since the age of 18, and has won many awards in the decades since then, for his exquisitely fabricated and designed pieces.

Sometimes he collaborates with his equally gifted wife, Veronica, but this gorgeous necklace is all Ernest.

Three strands of meticulously fashioned, flattened silver beads glisten and gleam, accented with smooth cylinders of natural, fiery red coral.

The combination is stunningly beautiful, but there’s even more to this exceptional necklace: Large silver cylinders gather and hold the multiple strands of beads, with a row of graduated, larger beads continuing to the hand made clasp.

The silver cylinder beads are beautifully stamped in a delicate design, adding some pattern to the piece. The difference in size is both functional, and esthetic, adding visual interest to the piece.

Many artists dislike making beads, since it requires serious patience, as well as expertise. These handmade beads, of every size, are flawless.

The tiny ones are 1/8-inch in diameter, and perfectly regular. There are over 150 individual beads in the three strands alone!

The stamped cylinder beads are 1/2-inch in diameter, and the graduated beads leading up to clasp range from 1/2-inch to 3/8″-inch in diameter.

Obviously, the technique is exemplary, but when coupled with a refined artistic eye, it results in the breathtaking beauty of this magnificent necklace.

Breathtaking, and magnificent as it is, this necklace also works beautifully with sweaters, blouses, shirts, and other everyday attire.

Luxurious coral and glittering silver are beautifully designed to be wearable in many different settings. Wear it to work wear it on your daily errands; it will shine brightly, in the evening, as well.

Award-winning artistry and skill have combined to create an extraordinary necklace that will amortize very quickly.

















































































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