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16-Piece Beaded Nativity Set


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Beadwork figures are actually a Zuni tradition. This artist specializes in endearing, miniature figures, hand fabricated entirely of tiny beads.

Here, we have a delightful Nativity, that is sweetly charming, and impressive in scope.

A full complement of Wise Men, shepherds, animals, Holy Family, angel and star, are all in appropriately Middle Eastern garb.

Set on a wooden base, covered with “earth”, under a wooden ramada, the figures are free-standing, so they can be arranged according to your whim.

The three Magi have glittering gold head scarves – the traditional “keffiyeh” of Arab men. Their attire of  shiny beads is equally festive: one all in gold, one in red, and one in green.

Mary is permanently seated on a wooden bench, and wears a dress of gleaming bronze beads, while Joseph is attired in iridescent multi-colored beads and carries a stout walking stick. The Child is swaddled in a blanket of  two-tone blue.

He rests on a vivid yellow “blanket”, on a wooden cradle. With black hair and a red mouth, He looks wide awake.

The shepherd is all in royal blue, also carrying a stick, to herd his lamb. Next to him, there is a little drummer boy in pale blue, with a miniature drum and drumstick.

Only the angel, who came perched on the roof of the ramada, is dressed like a Native, in her dress and hairdo! A glistening gold star also hovers above the ramada.

Aside from the little white lamb, there are two donkeys, two camels – or are they dromedaries, with only one hump? – and a little pinkish dromedary. Presumably the Three Magi came on the desert animals.

This is definitely a collector’s piece. All the figures are small, but complete, and the Middle Eastern attire is definitely different!

The little drummer boy is a non-traditional, but winsome touch, as is the Pueblo attire of the angel.

This Nativity ensemble is a real demonstration of skill, artistry, faith, and even a touch of humor.

There are sixteen pieces,  all meticulously beaded: the handmade wooden ramada, “earthen” floor strewn with straw, carefully authentic biblical garb, and even the camels!

Destined to be a treasured heirloom, and a cherished part of your Christmas tradition, from now on.



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Beads, Wood


Each figure is approx. 2" high, Base is 10" long x 8" deep, Ramada is approx. 4-5" high