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12-Strand Coral and Jet Heishi Necklace


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As vibrant as field of poppies; as glowing as a fire in winter; the deep red coral gains even more depth from the gleaming black jet.Santo Domingo Pueblo (now known as KeWa) has been famous for its lapidary necklaces for decades; actually, centuries. This 12-strand necklace is traditional in style, but contemporary in the refinement of the work. Heishi-making is both labor- and material-intensive; there is so much material lost while forming the tiny beads. The materials are all natural. Instead of lumps of shell and nubs of coral, as in the past, each bead has been patiently cut, drilled and shaped to perfection. Draped like fabric, or twisted into a tailored rope, this vibrant necklace will embellish everything from jeans to silks. Luxury that perfectly fits a casually elegant lifestyle; this sweep of classic red and black amortizes in a short time because it will be worn so often. Mixes well with other necklaces, too, such as silver beads.

Sterling Silver, Natural Coral and Jet

Length: 24 1/4″