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10-Strand Multi-Stone Heishi Necklace


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Josephine is known for her beautifully handmade heishi beads, and has won awards to prove her excellence.

Heishi – disks or tubes of shell or stone – used to be laboriously drilled on hand made pump drills, which you twirled like a top, and polished between pieces of rough bark.

Now, dental drills can create minuscule beads that are machine-buffed to a satiny gleam and smoothness. But, there is still a pile of broken debris at the end, just like centuries ago.

For every strand of heishi that is made, the artist loses about 70% of the material, the remaining 30% is the finished product, which is what makes this form of artwork so time and labor intensive.

Here, Josephine has masterfully carved ten strands of creamy white clam shell, the edges of each bead touched by just a hint of the caramel color of the shell.

Sterling silver cones house the ten strands, which are strung just with clam shell for about four inches.  Then, small beads of turquoise and apple coral are interspersed throughout the necklace, creating a beautiful cascade of red, white and blue.

Possibly patriotic, but definitely stylish and chic, this beautiful necklace will be a favorite.  Able to be dressed up or down, worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or more formal attire, it is a daily driver that will never go out of style!

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31" L


Apple Coral, Clam Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise