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10-Strand Chunky Turquoise & Heishi Necklace


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A tumbling cascade of beautifully figured turquoise, separated by tiny shell heishi beads makes a glorious ruffle of nuggets. Made up of 10 strands, this is a stunning piece – a virtual scarf of turquoise. like frozen bits of foam.


This is an updated traditional style; the kind of necklace southwestern tribes wore for eons, before European contact, and before learning to make silver jewelry. Of course, in the past the turquoise and shell would have been in rough, even more irregular lumps, without the finely cut and polished shell heishi. This look is much more refined, and suited to contemporary life. It goes as well with t-shirts as with suits and dresses. The combination of dark-mottled, beautiful blue turquoise and dark brown shell is fresh, modern, and lush.


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Natural Shell, Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver


19" long