10-Piece Large Nativity



Felicia is one of the prolific Fragua family, from Jemez Pueblo, who are especially noted for their pottery figures.

Her Nativities, storytellers and angels are always decorative, and naively charming.

Here, she has brought in a large group of large figures, forming an impressive Nativity group that is still charming, decorative, and full of heartfelt emotion.

The human figures, and the lovely angel, are all singing their gratitude and amazement, with heartfelt emotion.

The animals share benign smiles, and the Child sings along with the rest, as He lies swaddled, in his cradle.

Mary sits with one leg under her – a favorite and adorable feature of Felicia’s figures.

She wears a pretty lavender print dress and matching shawl over her head.

Joseph cuddles a smiling lamb, while a sheep looks on with its own sweet smile.

A polychrome cow lies placidly, also smiling gently.

In Pueblo tradition, the donkey stands over the Baby, warming Him with its breath. This donkey looks very pleased to have an important role.

The three Wise Men bring blankets and a ceremonial plate; the pretty angel leads the group in singing praise.

With the exception of the lavender, all the colors are natural clay, clay slips, or vegetal paint.

Every piece was formed according to age-old tradition: gathering and mixing the clay, coiling, smoothing, and painting each piece, by hand, and firing them in the ground.

This is a large and lovely Nativity, with unusual and very well-composed color.

The serious and sweet emotion of each figure is appealing and appropriate.

Large enough to be the centerpiece of your family’s Christmas celebrations for years to come, this is a delightfulNativity, by a recognized artist.


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