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Orlando Dugi

One of the most striking things “about this polished and stylish artist is that he has been working for such a short time, yet he is already so good.” That is the judgement of a respected veteran dealer in Native arts. Orlando won First Place at his first Santa Fe Indian Market in 2010, for a hand-beaded evening gown, as well as a First Place ribbon for an evening purse collaboration.
To add more luster to his reputation, he has been making jewelry for only about a year, but is already creating impressive pieces. Everything is handmade and entirely one-of-a-kind. He considers himself self-taught, although his father was a silversmith, and Orlando sometimes calls up images of his father working at his bench to solve a knotty fabrication issue.

From an early age, his consuming interest has been fashion, and his inspiration is still often found in the world of couture. Elegant and contemporary, his work has a very different esthetic from traditional American Indian art.We are pleased to welcome a new star, shooting across the Native artistic skies.