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Mona Teller

Mona Teller, ?Pa-Shawn-Thupa-Wa?, from the Pueblo of Isleta, is one of the four pottery-making daughters of famed potter Stella Teller. Demand for their pottery is high because of its comparative rarity, its quality, diversity of design, and distinctive look. Natural soft grays and browns, and white create a very recognizable, pastel palette that sets their work apart from most other Pueblos.
Since beginning her pottery career about 25 years ago, Mona has specialized in storytellers, nativities, animals, and figures of children Her pottery is made using natural pigments gathered within Isleta Pueblo. The figures are hand pinched, hand coiled, hand painted, and fired outdoors, the traditional way, Her work is signed, Mona Teller, Isleta, N.M.