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Marcel Chase Weahkee

This younger member of the illustrious Weahkee family is gaining a reputation of his own for traditional-style fetishes, often in innovative materials, such as art glass. He is a grandson of the late, famed Teddy Weahkee, and nephew of Lena Boone, who has encouraged his development as a carver. He is also related to numerous other notable artists of Zuni Pueblo including: the Tsikewas, the Kaskallas, and the Poblanos.
Chase (as he prefers to be called) creates abstract versions of various fetish animals, following the style of his aunt, Lena Boone, as well as going beyond to even more modern styles. His materials can be either very traditional, or decidedly contemporary. His work is making quite a name for him, part of the latest generation of this gifted family.

Notes about carving glass fetishes: Glass is hard, requiring more aggressive cutting tools and it is also dangerous. Excessive heat is generated during the slabbing process and can cause glass to shatter or explode. As a result, Chase, and his Aunt Lena, cut the glass under water, to cool it. Tiny glass particles and glass dust can also cause major eye and lung damage ? time for goggles and masks. Sanding glass is another challenge: sanding a single piece uses at least 6 separate grits of sand paper to create the final luster and finish.