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Lisa Telford

Lisa is a Git’ans Git’anee Haida weaver. She comes from a long line of basket weavers including her grandmother, mother, aunt, and cousins. She learned traditional techniques of Haida basketry from Delores Churchill.

Lisa harvests and prepares her own materials, using red and yellow cedar bark and spruce root. She has to travel hundreds of miles and many hours to harvest the cedar bark for her work. The bark is traditionally stored for one year and then further processing is required before weaving may start.
Lisa’s award winning work is created in both contemporary and traditional methods of weaving including twined and plaited. She has won numerous awards around the United States and can be found in many collections such as the Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian and The Heard Museum. She is also cited in select texts. For more information on Lisa, and Haida basketry, please refer to:

“The Language of Native American Baskets from the Weavers’ View” by Bruce Bernstein.

“Spruce Root Basketry of the Haida and Tlinget” by Sharon J Busby.