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Kathleen Wall

Her grandparents, mother and aunts all made pueblo pottery, and Kathleen followed in their foot steps, but evolved into a major award-winning sculptor of clay figures, some of them life-sized. Her work has been featured in museums, and honored at the most prestigious Indian art shows.
She is deeply immersed in, and inspired by, her Native culture and history, which is reflected in the pieces she creates. Her fervently collected figures almost always have what she calls “joyous smiles”. Not only a first-rate, much-honored sculptor of clay figures, Kathleen has also been featured in national magazines on Indian art, both as an artist and as a model. The smiles on her pieces are no less joyous than her own, beautiful one.

Artist, mother, wife, student, model; Kathleen is multi-faceted. She is very serious about each role, and fills each one brilliantly.