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Joshua Madalena

Joshua Madalena, current governor of Jemez Pueblo, rediscovered their ancient style of pottery when he managed the pre-historic ruins at Jemez State Monument, around 2000.
In 2005, Jemez Black-on-White was reintroduced to the art market, at Santa Fe Indian Market, after a 300-year absence. Mr. Madalena received the SWAIA (Southwestern Association of Indian Arts) and Allen Houser Lifetime Achievement Legacy Award for Pottery in 2012, in recognition of his efforts to bring this pottery back to life.

Tempered with volcanic tufa, and covered with white clay slip, these decorated pieces are made the same way as the more familiar, red and cream modern pottery of Jemez: hand-gathered clay; mixed, coiled, smoothed, painted and pit fired, all by hand.

Mr. Madalena has made a significant contribution to history, art history and the enjoyment of pottery lovers.