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Joseph DeVern Coriz

A Santo Domingo Pueblo silversmith ( and school-teacher) who often uses a turtle motif in his work; he is a member of the Turtle Clan. He is known for fine overlay and applique work, full of intricate detail and traditional meaning. Often, he uses high-grade turquoise, coral and/or gold accents to embellish his jewelry.
His intruiguing pieces often display core Pueblo symbols such as: corn, a pueblo village, men and women dancers, moon, stars, sun and comets, petroglyph figures, etc. – often within a turtle’s “shell”, or even on painstakingly hand-fashioned beads.

He has been making jewelry for more than 25 years, and his special pueblo storyteller designs were developed as a way to set his silverwork apart from other jewelers’ work. His personal, very appealing pieces have been recognized by galleries, collectors, and with art show awards. The best part of his work, for him is creating a story for each piece.