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Jolene Eustace

One of the many, talented Eustace jewelers, Jolene carries on the family tradition of carving stone leaves and/or feathers, but has forged – literally – her own path. Her contemporary designs are noted for the heavily textured, darkened, almost brutal look of the silver work. She will carve turquoise, just like her father Ben, and other siblings, but often combines it with “new” stones such as lapis, sugilite, opal, etc. Leaves in silver, as well as in carved stone, is a favorite motif.
A professional, working silversmith since the age of 8, she says: “My work is my release. My work is my meditation. It’s a way of going back to Mother Earth.” Many awards and museum exhibits agree with her legions of avid collectors that her work is also unique in style and strongly compelling.