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Joe Ben, Jr

Son and grandson of Navajo medicine men, and brother of Wallace Ben, he is internationally known for his award-winning contemporary sand paintings. Joe incorporates traditional colors as well as semi-precious, and even precious, stones. He often mixes colors to achieve subtle and/or shaded effects. Some of his work is almost abstract, but always is grounded in ceremonial tradition.
The artist has said: “Through the art of sand painting, based on the cycle of nature, I am capable of communicating my feelings and my ideas. It is through these sand paintings of Mother Earth, of Father Sun and their children (the trees, the rivers, the birds, the divinities and us), that I can imitate the powerful work of nature. I then try to use nature’s aesthetic work as a part of my life and to add dimension to my existence.. Finally, I hope with this art to encourage people to consider the aesthetics of nature, because that is what art is all about…Nature…What else is there?”