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Jerry Laktonen

From Kodiak, Alaska, Jerry grew up learning skills that later would be put to fine artistic use. He has combined his talent with painstaking research to produce stunning masks and ceremonial paddles.
Driven to discover more about his Yupik/Alutiq heritage, he studied examples of ceremonial masks in reference works and museums. For centuries, most of the older pieces were scooped up and sent abroad. He then created his own versions of what he saw. Using traditional motifs, his masks are fashioned after the traditional ones. He sometimes, adds personal touches, like fiber optic wire or acrylic accents.

For long years, his art was a sideline. Today, it is his primary source of income, and his work can be found in both private and corporate collections and …in museums! He has won ribbons at every Santa Fe Indian Market since 1997, including Best of Division in 2000.