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Jennifer Tafoya Moquino

The daughter of the late Ray Tafoya, and Emily Suazo, she began making pottery before she was 10 years old. Jennifer etches on small and miniature pieces, as her famous parents did.
She now works with her husband, Michael Moquino, a son of Corn Moquino, who is credited with initiating the technique of sgrafitto etching. The various slips used are hand gathered by the Moquinos, and are natural minerals.

Their work has won numerous awards at prestigious shows such as Santa Fe Indian Market – including a Best of Division and a blue ribbon in sgrafitto ware – as well as Best of Pottery at the recent Heard Museum Market. Jennifer is featured in books such as “Talking with the Clay”, “Crafted to Perfection” and “Breaking the Mold”, and has also been featured in recent magazine articles. Her pottery is eagerly sought-after by collectors.