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Jacob Lee

This young man (25 years old – don’t believe that beard!) is a double-barreled artist, equally adept in mediums that are completely different. An accomplished painter and draughtsman, his two-dimensional talent spills over into the three-dimensions of jewelry-making with the same ease and proficiency.
Exceptionally creative, he regards the whole world as a source of art, and art itself as a spiritual experience. He says, “All I can do is complement what already exists, because the Creator has already made everything perfectly beautiful. Patience is the key, because the most important tool…is the mind, and putting in extra time will enhance every piece.”

Aside from his prodigious talent, Jacob is gifted with an exuberant laugh that makes everyone else smile, and expresses his joyful appreciation of life. We are delighted that he is now a part of our team, at Wright’s.