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Ida Sahmie

An unconventional Navajo girl, Ida married a Hopi man, learned to make pottery from her mother-in-law, and graduated from the International Business College in Albuquerque, NM as a microcomputer specialist. She has become an award-winning potter, noted for thin-walled, fine pieces with Navajo motifs.
Ida learned from watching her mother-in-law, famed potter Priscilla Namingha, granddaughter of the legendary Nampeyo, who is synonymous with Hopi pottery. From the start, Ida’s work has won awards.

She collects her clay from the Hopi Reservation. Each pot is coiled, scraped, sanded, polished, pit -fired, and painted, by hand. Ida says, “I think it’s my designs that people like-the unique combination of Hopi and Navajo. In shows I like the tag to say Navajo, because that is what I am. But to me, my work is contemporary pottery.”