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Glendora Fragua

Recognized as being “at the top of the ladder,,,” among potters, she has won numerous awards. Glendora’s awards are numerous, and her work is included in museum, as well as private collections. Her pottery is usually decorated by the sgrafitto technique: shallow carvings; literally,”scratched out’ designs. It is often red, and stone-polished, but sometimes beige or cream.
Drawing inspiration for her style from her legendary cousins Tony Da, Camilio Tafoya, Grace Medicine Flower and Joseph Lone Wolf, she incorporates Jemez traditions. That, and her innate talent and personal sensibility give her work a unique and instantly recognizable character.

She is especially drawn to motifs such as flowers, corn (her clan) and plants, feathers, butterflies and dragonflies, and lizards – all traditional Jemez motifs.