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Gerald Honwytewa Lomaventema

This fine Hopi jeweler is known by both Gerald Honwytewa, and by Gerald Lomaventema. He explains: ” In 2005 I was given my adult name of Lomaventema. It was given to me when I became initiated in Hopi Men’s Society. The name is from the Corn/Water Clan of Shungopavi, my Godfather’s Clan.”
He began producing traditional Hopi overlay styles, after taking classes at the Hopi Silvercraft Coop Guild, and refined his technique with such mentors as Duane Maktima and Steve LaRance. He creates jewelry with a combination of overlay and tufa cast techniques, using turquoise and other natural stones.

Having attended the Hopi & Zuni Artist Show in Japan for the past several years, Gerald now has an international reputation. He views participation in this show as an opportunity to “educate people about ‘fake’ or ‘imitation’ ” Native American arts, as well as a market for his own work. Counterfeit Native jewelry has eroded the authentic artists’ livelihood and reputations, and is a serious concern for many artists.