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Stamped Modern Naja

Herman Smith


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This artist is known for beautiful, personal interpretations of traditional designs – like this decorative naja.

In the past, najas were usually seen as a pendant on squash blossom necklaces; this naja is meant to be admired on its own, as a pin, or as a pendant, too.

Gracefully tapered, the entire surface of the silver is stamped, in a variety of patterns that enhance its shape.

A fan of eight stylized feathers springs up from the top of the rounded shape. This vertical eruption is a handsome counterpoint to all the curves in the rest of the piece.

The outer and inner edges of the naja are wonderfully stamped in a row of curves. Each one of these tiny arcs is chiseled at the bottom, suggesting rainfall.

Both rows merge, as the naja narrows toward the bottom, and the curved stamps become horizontal bars with parallel lines in between – more rain.

Between the borders, a series of stepped shapes, arrowheads and tiny circles make an attractive, angular pattern. These all refer to rainfall, very good luck in the high desert.

The unusual ends are formed in a circle, with a delicately fluted and raised center – almost like tiny volcanos.

Dangling from the center of the naja, is an oval of natural Pilot Mountain turquoise, with a twisted “rope” bezel that echoes the stamped designs.

Earthy green and brown, in the turquoise, is a handsome complement to the brushed silver finish.

Elegantly shaped, and designed, stamped, and finished with meticulous skill, this piece whispers its drama, but makes a gorgeous impression.

And you can wear it so many different ways!

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Natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 2 3/8" W, Stone is 1/2" L x 3/8" W