Pink Coral Heart Pin/Pendant

Lee Charley


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A heart is the symbol of love, and this beautiful coral and silver heart pin/pendant, by talented Navajo silversmith, Lee Charley, is sure to make you fall in love.

The natural coral is a variegated medley of exquisitely delicate, angel skin pink. This precious material is sublimely beautiful, and especially suited for a tender expression of love.

Each coral drop is encircled with a sterling silver, hand-crafted bezel, with tiny silver teardrops separating the coral.  The hand-stamped inner framework of the heart adds a bit of texture and pattern.

The coral domes sit on darkened silver, to provide a lovely contrast with the angelic hues of the coral. There is a slightly vintage feel to this beautifully shaped heart.

Whether you are wearing it as a pin, or a pendant, this deliciously dainty coral heart is sure to bring love into your life!


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Natural Pink Coral, Sterling Silver


2" high x 2 1/2" wide.