Mickey Mouse Pendant



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We are never too old for cartoons, especially when they have become a work of art.

This artist is “an absolute master”of mosaic and channel inlay, he turned away from his famous trademark pieces, to make this adorable Mickey pendant for us.

His mastery is evident in the amazing realism of the expression and proportions, as well as the colors, of this celebrated mouse.

There is smooth, flat inlay, and three-dimensional inlay, with studious attention to every detail, to ensure the accurate resemblance, as well as clean work.

Although the subject is far from traditional, the materials are very much so: red coral, mother of pearl, jet, and turquoise.

Coincidentally – or not – these are just the right materials and colors to create a Mickey Mouse pendant.

His bright eyes, friendly and eager smile, rounded tummy and big hands and feet are all there. And, of course, his signature big, black ears.

Truly the work of a master, this genial representation of an icon of pop culture will evoke the same smiles in the happy wearer, and spectators, as it surely did in the artist.

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Jet, Natural Red Coral, Natural White and Yellow Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver Turquoise.


2 3/4" L including bail x 1 1/8" W