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Fidel Bahe

This highly reputed jeweler has been especially lucky – or prescient – in finding superlative mentors. He apprenticed with the renowned Preston Monongye, who taught him the fundamentals so well that after only 10 months, Fidel won prize ribbons for all the jewelry he showed at Santa Fe Indian Market!
Others who inspired him were the celebrated Victor Beck and the late, great Charles Loloma, both of whom turned him in the direction of contemporary designs. Edison Smith and Wilson Jim, both award-winning jewelers, influenced him to include traditional designs and techniques, as well.

After years of consistently winning prize ribbons at Santa Fe Indian Market, he decided to leave competitive shows, in 1991. He has spent most of the years since dividing his time and energy between his two passions, silversmithing and horse training, In both areas, Fidel keeps his focus on quality and consistency. In his jewelry, he adds originality, with a strong element of cultural and artistic values.

He has been noted in reference books as an important contemporary artist.