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Fabian Cheama

Dan Quam, the reputed “inventor” of realistic fetish carving, taught his half-brother Fabian and the other Cheama siblings. Fabian Cheama has been called the best technical carver of the Quam-Cheama family, among the top prize-winning fetish artists in Zuni Pueblo. His fetishes now bring the highest prices of any in his family. The details in his work are often finer and more intricate than those of his siblings. The etched fur, scales and delicate features of his animals are superb – even to the pads on paws, and anatomical details! He often carves tails that curl and taper, out of one block of stone – a bit of artistic flourish as well as artistic license. His award-winning work is in several museum collections, as well as prized by collectors all over the world.