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Erik Than Tsideh Fender

Erik Fender’s Indian name is Than Tsidih (Sun Bird). He was born into an illustrious potting family: his great-aunt was the legendary Maria Martinez. At age 10, Eric began creating pottery with his mother Martha Appleteaf and grandmother Carmelita Dunlap. In 1992, Erik began working closely with his mother in the traditional San ildefonso style of pottery. His interest in color led Erik to experiment with different clays and techniques to achieve new pottery colors.
Erik continues to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques, to reproduce traditional, stone-polished polychrome ware. He stone polishes and hand paints his designs with all natural colors which are boiled from native vegetation growing on the Pueblo land. His wealth of talent shows in traditional and innovative techniques. He has received numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Pueblo shows, among others.