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Edmundo Lopez

A very fine potter from the Paquime tribe of the Mata Ortiz area of northern Mexico. Edmundo specializes in exquisitely decorated and stone polished black pottery. His brilliant gunmetal finishes would make even the famous Maria Martinez jealous.
The Paquime are descendants of Pueblo people who fled south when the Spanish reasserted control of New Mexico territories, twelve years after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Centuries later, pottery shards were discovered in a field, and the intrigued farmer experimented until he achieved the same results.

Now, the villages of Casas Grande and New Casas Grande are filled with prosperous and highly reputed potters. In varying styles, the pottery is produced in the traditional, Pueblo way: gathering and mixing clay, coiling, smoothing, painting with natural pigments, and pit firing. Edmundo is one of the best, and brings his and other people’s work with him on his occasional trips up north, which is how we acquire them.