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Dolores Purdy Corcoran

Ledger painting is the artist’s way of reconnecting with her past. When she attended the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, she researched Caddo tribespeople who had been imprisoned and discovered historic ledger art.Her versions are more modern in context (automobiles, for example, as well as horses) and sometimes in un-historic media.
Her work evokes a contemporary look with more vibrant, bolder colors, using acrylics at times. On other pieces, she uses colored pencils on genuine antique ledger paper, which can be read through the drawing. “You get two stories in one. It’s a snapshot of what was happening in the non-Native and Native worlds.”

She blends traditional topics with contemporary methods, and vice-versa, providing a fresh take on this historical art form. One tradition she loves to follow is expressing subtle, dry humor – which is as traditional to Native life as any spiritual ritual.