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Darryl Dean Begay

A young star in the Native jewelry world, winner of the most prestigious award in the world of Indian art – Best in Show at Santa Fe Indian Market – as well as many others. He was raised in traditional Navajo ways, and often incorporates figures and other elements of his heritage in his prize-winning designs. He also creates contemporary styles, often collaborating with his wife, Rebecca, who also makes jewelry.
Originally studying business, Darryl was encouraged by many artists as he followed the path to jewelry-making. (I was shown how to choose the)” highest quality stones and how to set them. I’ve found that the stone has its own spirit, and often chooses its own place in a piece.”

Together with his art-teacher wife, he offers workshops for local grade schools and organizations in his area. He says, “I want to help young artists, just as other artists have helped me,” This exceptional jeweler has become a culture-bearer, as well as an honored, dominant, major prize-winner.