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Dan Jackson

Dan says, “I learned silverwork from my father, who worked with silver until he was 95. The rug designs on my (jewelry)…come from my mother’s weavings….I continue the heavy silverwork of my father.” (Dan’s nephew, Tommy Jackson, is also a celebrated jeweler.) Dan holds to the older tradition of keeping a low profile; he shows at Santa Fe Indian Market, and has won prizes at various other shows, but sells mostly in the area within reach of his Reservation home.
Living true to the culture and traditions of the Navajo way of life, Dan keeps horses and sheep, but creates silver and gold jewelry that typically incorporates rug patterns in brilliantly executed overlay designs. WIth a variety of finishes – textured, polished, matte, darkened – and meticulous workmanship, these intricate designs take on a very contemporary, urban allure.