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Barbara and Joseph Cerno

She’s part Hopi, he’s from Acoma; together they have become among the most highly reputed potters working today – or ever! Joseph learned from his mother, Santana Cimmeron Cerno, who was winning prizes for her pottery during the 1920’s, the early years of Santa Fe Indian Market; after their marriage, Barbara did too. Known especially for their large ollas, they have been top award-winning artists for decades.
Meticulous about keeping to traditional materials and methods, Joseph forms the thin-walled pots after aging the hand made clay for a minimum of 6 months. The pots then dry for several months more before they are fired in a hand-dug pit. Barbara does the flawless painting, using natural mineral and vegetal colors. For inspiration, they often consult reference books of historic pottery designs. As collectors and museums around the world will attest, this blue-ribbon team excels.