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Andrew Abeita

Although not Zuni, this artist is noted for his carvings of animals and Corn Maidens. “I began to carve to express my understanding and love of our traditional life and my appreciation of the beauty of our natural surroundings. My stone carvings are a way to share with others beautiful memories captured forever in stone. A simple ear of corn reminds me to cherish and protect the beautiful gifts of nature. The bear represents the power and spirit of my grandfather.”Andy’s wife, Roberta, puts the final touches on his sculptures and fetishes: adding a feather or a stone to embellish each piece, giving a special character to each.
Andy is a lecturer on Native American culture and art at such institutions as the Heard Museum Guild, Chicago Academy of Arts, Cornell University, Rockwell Museum, and the Native American Art Council. He is also President/Founder Council for Indigenous Arts and Cultures.