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Althea Cajero

Althea is from both Acoma and Santo Domingo. Pueblos. She says:”My understanding of my creativity is that it can be a deeper expression from my soul. My experience in creating jewelry is that I am continually learning who I am and what I can do. When I visualize a piece, I am inspired to create it. From creating it, I learn patience and acceptance; the patience to allow each process to take the time necessary, and to accept that it may not become exactly as I visualize. In this process, however, lies the potential of it becoming something even more beautiful than I imagined. ”
Her jewelry is decidedly feminine in concept and feeling, cleanly made and comfortable to wear. Increasingly, she is exploring materials, techniques, and designs. These are evolving, along with her sense of herself as an artist .

Althea’s creativity is encouraged by her husband, prize-winning sculptor and potter Joe Cajero, Jr., of Jemez Pueblo.