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We have been producing engaging content by partnering with artists and collectors, and we’re excited to share it with you!


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  1. “Wright’s Studio Presents…” – Artist interview on a single topic, sometimes featuring “How It’s Made” type content
  2. “Three Questions With…” – Three questions on varying subjects with each artist interviewed (example below)
  3. Wright’s in the News – Archival video content from appearances on various news programs
  4. “Wright’s Treasure Trove” – Mini documentaries involving Native artists and their special projects or shows
  5. 3K Consultants Creative Ideas of the Day – Appearances by Wright’s staff and artists that we work with on Vlogger Walter Kurt’s show


We are also looking for collectors who want to share their favorite piece for more episodes of our series “Exploring Connections and Collections”, which allows us a glimpse into our clients, friends, and family’s private collections and gives each participant a chance to speak about their favorite piece of Native American art. We also hear from each participant regarding how they became part of the Native American arts community. Please enjoy our first episode and contact us if you are interested in sharing!