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Summer 2021 Community Grant Voting is LIVE! Group 18 – 21

We are thrilled to announce and share our incredible submissions for the Summer 2021 Native Arts Community Grant. This is the 18 -21 group.
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Title: “Rarity and Reality”
This piece was inspired by the theme of ” Creating personal connections in a digital world”, it represents many people today, who use technology for comfort. The girl in the painting uses music to suppress her emotions, she lives by the lyrics. What the artist is saying or speaking, the other is her heart . Many people who use technology can touch each other’s hearts, through love, art, music, culture and many more. But it also can be blinding to many people, who forget who they are, and tend to lose themselves.

Megan, 19

Absentee Shawnee
Title: ‘Three Sisters’
My piece is a beaded medallion depicting the Three Sisters, squash, beans, and corn. Whenever you plant the three sisters together, they work together; Supporting, protecting, and helping one another grow. The corn gives the support the beans need to grow, the beans make for rich soil that benefits all three sisters while also holding them together, and the squash vines and leaves protect the sisters from invasive plants and bugs. This is the way our relationships with each other should be too. The way we can help each other grow and offer support just for loving each other and sharing moments together, it’s a powerful thing. I’ve had and continue to find sisterhood throughout my life and I’m so grateful for that, especially in a world that has plummeted into a digital age so quickly and even more so in the past two years. My piece also includes three painted and beaded audio-video cables. I included these because for me, our senses are important in making personal connections. Connecting by seeing the face, or hearing the voice of your loved ones; Or by Feeling the Earth in your hands and hearing the sounds around you while planting food.

Patience, 21