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Summer 2021 Community Grant Voting is LIVE! Group 12 and under

We are thrilled to announce and share our incredible submissions for the Summer 2021 Native Arts Community Grant. This is the 12 & under group. 
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Nikkisha Shelton
The drawing shows two friends talking over the phone and admiring and showing each other their clothing that they have made for a pow wow.

Symphony, 10

Band of Pomo Indians
Title: ‘Kindergarten Zoom’
This year I started Kindergarten. I was able to see my friends at school, When I wasn’t able to go to school in person because of The Virus. I really loved that. My art is a picture of my Kindergarten zoom class. My favorite part about kindergarten is that I got to spend time with my friends even though it was on the computer. Without technology this would not have happened.

Kendall, 6

Enrolled member of The Crow Tribe and descendant of the Quechan, Kumeyaay and Chippewa tribes
Title: ‘I want to hold your hand’
My art shows what making friends online is like. The title of my piece is “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. It means that I really want to see my friends in real life.The picture on top is talking to a friend through social media. I really like this because a lot of my friends don’t go to my school or I just can’t see them all the time.

Audrey, 12

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
I create a personal connection with people in the digital world through gaming on the internet. I love gaming and doing tie dye! The squares of animals are the different profile images. I am a Squirrel because it’s my favorite animal. The other squares are the things I use to game with. I drew a controller, the internet, and a computer mouse using paint pens.

Kira, 8

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
I love watching YouTube and live videos! I connect with my favorite Youtubers because I love their content. I experimented with melting crayons and paint pens to make my own YouTube channel art.

Keanu, 7