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Why Shop at Wright’s?

We want you to learn more about us! This blog will serve as a space to share more about Wright’s, to help you learn about the art and artists, and hopefully, to help you make a special connection and find that perfect piece that speaks to you!

Why shop at Wright’s?

With over 110 years (yes really) serving the community, we’ve seen and learned so much. We are honored to host one of the largest and most varied inventories of Native art in the Southwest. We primarily serve individual collectors and we are eager to grow new generations of supporters of these incredible artists. Many of the artists are renowned, honored, and certified in the art they create. We work diligently on their behalf in order to help them with exposure, and they, in turn, are able to focus on creating art that in some cases even sustains their tribes and entire families. When you purchase from Wright’s you are guaranteeing the art is more than beautiful, it’s an investment in these amazing Native artists and their communities, including the up-and-coming generations of artists.

We are 

  • Friendly, and happy to meet anyone that visits the store or inquires online or over the phone. We will always take the time needed to ensure that you are making a positive decision that feels right!
  • Educated, and can answer questions that will help you make a connection with the perfect piece!
  • Trustworthy, as we only purchase high quality and verified authentic pieces.
  • Respectful, and honor the light and spirit in each creation and the artist and tribal affiliation represented in each piece of art.
  • Excited, and looking forward to hearing from you!

We carry and sell one-of-a-kind, authentic, Native American Art that we buy directly from the artist. We don’t purchase pawn, do appraisals, or purchase anything on the secondary market, as our belief is that our support should go toward the artists of today so that they may continue working and teaching future generations. We have relationships and friendships with each of the artists we carry and truly think of Wright’s as a family.

We are happy to share this beauty with you and look forward to welcoming you to our family!