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“Follow Your Dream” Abstract Sculpture

Adrian Wall


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Adrian Wall’s stellar career began as a sculptor, and although he has achieved fame as a musician, jeweler, and glass artist, sculpture is his artistic home, to which he always returns. With gorgeous results, as seen here.

Titled “Follow your Dream”, this piece is a seamless collection of gracefully curving lines and beautiful rounded shapes, all in luminous, translucent, sun-warmed golds.

Sinuous lines flow upward from the base, conveying the sense of dreams rising into the ether. The tapered shapes almost seem to form a path to follow.

From the substantial start at the base, to the narrow tip at the top, the beautiful curves of the stone seem to personify the beginning of a dream, as it moves into consciousness.

Impressive in size, the piece radiates grace and elegance. The darkly gleaming, black marble base is a dramatic contrast to the ethereal luminosity of the stone.

With undulating curves, a celestially delicate stone and theme, this is a hauntingly evocative sculpture by a recognized master of the art.

Place it against a light source and watch it really glow!

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Black Marble, Honeycomb Calcite


26 7/8"




6" deep